Akademie Fresenius Conference Pesticide Residues in Food
Pesticide Residues in Food | Check out the conference's programme now
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Akademie Fresenius Online Conference Green Claims and Sustainability Labelling
Green Claims and Sustainability Labelling | Register now for November
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Akademie Fresenius Online-Konferenz: Residues of Mineral Oil and Synthetic Hydrocarbons in Food

Environmental Fate and Behaviour Evaluation of PPP in Europe | Online Training in October >> To the event

International Ecotox Conference | Register now for the conference in December. >> To the conference

New online conference in January: Residues of Mineral Oil and Synthetic Hydrocarbons in Food >> Go to the event

Independent, up to date, practice-orientated – first-hand specialist and industry knowledge

For over 25 years, we have been organising conferences  and trainings. Whenever the safety and quality of food, consumer goods and chemical products are at stake, you've come to the right place.

Neutrality, independence and all the latest from the experts and the industry:

That is what Akademie Fresenius stands for. You can be sure not to miss a thing: All our speakers are real experts in their fields. Their reports include all the latest challenges facing the industry and where future trends are heading. With a relaxed social and evening program, we ensure that you can make and deepen contacts along the way.

You will also find ideal conditions for your learning success and exchange with industry colleagues in our virtual training and conference rooms. This is the best way to find out "what's going on". Reason enough for our customers to visit us again every year.

With that in mind: See you soon! 


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