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Update on the Health Effects of Bisphenol A

The European Environment Agency published that the public exposure to widely used bisphenol A (BPA) exceeds acceptable health safety levels.

People are exposed to BPA mainly through diet due to BPA being present in a range of plastics commonly used in packaging for food and beverages. In April the European Food Safety Agency published its latest scientific opinion re-evaluating the risks to public health due to exposure to BPA. It also concluded that there is a current health concern from dietary BPA exposure, especially from canned food goods, which was found to be the most important exposure source for all age groups. 
At the upcoming 12th International Conference “Residues of Food Contact Materials in Food”, taking place in Cologne on 5 and 6 October 2023, you will get an update of EFSA’s re-evaluation of bisphenol A and an update of the BfR recommendation. Listen to EFSA and the BfR on their different findings for BPA in a joint Q&A session.

Source: European Environment Agency


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