Chemicals Regulation in the UK – REACH, CLP and BPR

Are you active on the UK market? Then this online training offers you an introduction to the new regulatory regimes for chemicals and biocides in the UK and provides you with comprehensive information on important legal aspects as well as an outlook for the future.

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This online training gives you an introduction to the REACH, CLP and biocides regulation in the UK with a focus on timescales, decision-making processes and current challenges. You will learn about data requirements, data sharing considerations as well as legal remedies and enforcement. The training will also provide you with an outlook on what is to be expected in the future and how the UK might diverge from the EU.

Learning Objectives:

  • Stay on top of things and learn how to keep your products on the market
  • Understand your scope of action within the new legal framework
  • Be prepared for future regulatory developments

Who should attend this training?

Professionals working in the fields of:

  • Legal and regulatory affairs
  • Research and development
  • Product safety and management
  • Regulatory science

Sectors that should take part:

  • Chemical and biocides industry
  • Consultancies
  • Professional associations

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PLEASE NOTE: The indicated times refer to Central European Summer Time CEST.

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Thursday, 29 September 2022 | 09:00 – 13:30
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Introduction to chemicals regulation in the UK
  • Overview of the UK’s legal framework for chemicals management
  • New REACH, CLP and BPR chemical regimes: timescales, challenges, decision-making processes and emerging issues
Data requirements and data sharing considerations
  • Lessons learned from EU REACH? – Data sharing rules and principles; examples from the Board of Appeal
  • Competition law considerations in data sharing negotiations
Practical exercise
Legal remedies and enforcement
  • New legal remedies: Different appeal mechanisms, timelines and procedure
  • Enforcement in the UK
Future outlook
  • What comes next in the UK? – Regulatory reform and the UK Chemicals Strategy
  • Comparison with the EU: Potential divergence and impact of the EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)
Questions and answers
End of the online training





Darren Abrahams

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Darren Abrahams enables clients throughout the chemicals and life sciences supply chain to get and keep their products on the European Union market. He focuses on defence of products through strategic advice, advocacy before institutions and agencies, and litigation before EU and national courts and tribunals. He has a wealth of experience with the EU regulation of biocidal products, plant protection products (agrochemicals), REACH, classification, labelling and packaging, GM food and feed, cosmetics, and endocrine disruptors.


Tom Gillett

Steptoe & Johnson, United Kingdom

Tom Gillett advises clients on a wide range of environmental law, with a focus on chemicals regulation and product regimes (including REACH, biocides, food contact, product standards and CE/UKCA marking) in both the EU and the UK. With a background in complex and technical contentious environmental law (including contaminated land, pollution incidents, environmental permitting and waste regulation), Tom is well placed to help clients navigate regulatory investigations, appeals and tribunal hearings, as well as to advise on regulatory compliance, data sharing, consortium management, and supply chain due diligence.


Zanda Romata

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Zanda Romata's practice focuses on EU regulatory compliance in the areas of chemicals and product regulation (such as REACH, Biocides, CLP, WEEE, and RoHS 2), as well as competition law. In the area of EU regulatory law, she assists clients with litigation before the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), as well as supporting clients with data sharing negotiations, consortia management, registration obligations, and labelling requirements. She also ensures that manufacturers and importers comply with product safety obligations and with the CE marking regime. Beyond her regulatory work, Zanda advises on all aspects of EU and UK competition law, including compliance, mergers and acquisitions, cartels, abuse of dominance, and distribution issues.


Simon Tilling

Steptoe & Johnson, United Kingdom

Simon Tilling advises clients on UK and EU environmental law, chemicals regulation and product standards, with a wealth of experience covering regulatory compliance and supply chain diligence, investigations, enforcement and criminal defense, regulatory appeals, tribunal hearings, and environmental civil claims. With a joint honors degree in Chemistry and Law, Simon combines robust scientific analysis with persuasive advocacy to resolve complex and technical environmental issues. In particular, he is experienced in advising on chemicals regulation, such as REACH and biocides, the control of chemicals in the environment, and the life-cycle of products and wastes within the circular economy. As a UK lawyer with many years of experience in EU chemicals and products regulations, Simon is particularly well placed to help clients navigate access to the newly independent market of Great Britain and to represent industry in its engagement with the UK regulators and institutions, and before the UK courts, tribunals and appeal bodies.


Hannah Widemann

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Hannah Widemann advises clients on EU regulatory compliance questions in the areas of chemical and product regulations, including REACH, CLP, biocides, plant protection products, and fertilizers. Her work includes product defense and litigation strategies before the European Court of Justice and the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), as well as supporting clients with (data sharing) negotiations, contracts, and potential disputes.



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