Hygiene and Protective Measures

When conducting our live events on site, we will take all legally required security measures in close cooperation with our event hotels.

For the safety of our customers, speakers and employees, we will take the following measures, among others:

  • The event rooms are designed in such a way that the prescribed minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained.
  • We will inform all event participants on site in writing about the safety measures to be observed by each individual.
  • We will ensure that the increased hygiene standards in the hotels are observed (e.g. increased cleaning frequencies) and will also provide additional disinfectants ourselves.
  • Masks are compulsory in the public areas of the event hotels. Please bring your own mouth and nose protection. However, once you have reached your place in the event room, you can take off your mouth and nose protection.
  • The event rooms are regularly ventilated by us.
  • The hygiene concepts of the event hotels ensure that break catering and lunch can also be taken in accordance with the regulations.
  • We record all participants and their seats for better traceability on site.
  • Persons who have had contact with a Covid19-infected person within the last 14 days or who suffer from corona-typical symptoms (unknown cough or breathing difficulties, taste disorders, fever) are not allowed to participate in our events. The same applies to persons who have visited an official risk area within the last 14 days, unless they can provide a recent negative Covid-19 test result.
  • We supervise our events on site by our own staff, who ensure that everything runs smoothly and are available to answer all your questions.