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Producers, users and assessors of (agro)chemical products should watch this space for national and international conferences on the regulation and risk assessment of applied chemical substances.



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The revision of the CLP regulation will be the central focus of this session. It aims to provide practical tips on how to deal with the changes and will explore the problematic lack of a harmonisation between CLP and the Globally Harmonised System (GHS).

13 Jun 2022
Online Series | Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH

Together with our experts you explore the new requirements for registering Polymers. The session will look at legal aspects, regulatory aspects and give you an idea of the scientific background.

27 Jun 2022
Online Series | Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH

The conference brings together representatives of the industry, the competent authorities, and other relevant EU bodies with those working in research and test laboratories to thoroughly discuss the topic of biological control of pests. Biopesticides, biofertilisers and biostiumulants and the connected regulations and risk assessment techniques are the key focus of this meeting.

30 Jun - 1 Jul 2022
Online Conference | Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH

This training is aiming to give you the basic knowledge on how to assess PECsoil in the evaluation procedure in Europe. You will be familiarised with the philosophy of the new PECsoil guidance documents of EFSA and the related software packages to perform individual PECsoil calculations.

20 Oct 2022
Online Training | Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH

This conference aims at providing compact and relevant information on the current issues regarding the regulation, assessment and testing of chemical substances with the potential for genotoxic effects.

3 Nov - 4 Nov 2022
Online Conference | Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH